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Virtual Camps 2020

August 3-7: ¡A Construir! A Building Camp!  **week full*

We will make birdhouses, boats, and more this week, as we enjoy building, designing, and decorating all sorts of fun crafts and creations! Get ready for lots of building-themed fun!

August 10-14: ¡Astronautas y animales! Adventure in Outer Space and with animal friends this week!

This week, we'll center our fun around the dual themes of outer-space and animals! Planets, stars, glow-in-the-dark, and more will inspire our art projects, learning, and games this week on the space front, and we'll play animal-themed games and enjoy making animal visors, learn about different habitats, and more on the animal front. Sign up for an out-of-this world experience at Spanish camp!

August 17-21: ¡Las Artes! A Creative Arts Camp!

This week in camp, we'll explore all the different kinds of arts, from sand art, different styles of painting, make 3-D crafts, beading, embroidery thread, making many wearable art projects, including tie dye! Copy the cool styles of famous artists, learn how to embrace our unique artistic vision, and more! This camp is sure to get your creativity firing!

Camps include a welcome circle in the morning, full of songs, cheers, active group activities, and a story! You're welcome to join in a synchronous zoom format or watch the video later, and there are two 20 minute individual meetings offered with each participant (or family) as well, which I can schedule according to your needs. Each camper will receive a book as well. The activities will be a mix of individual projects or games and things that will be fun to do with a parent. I'm so sorry to miss a summer of running around in person, but hope this program brings joy and fun to your lives at home, and of course, helps your little ones enjoy Spanish even more!  


To register for virtual camps, use the website's contact tab, and let me know your child's name and age! The cost is $125/ week per family, and you may purchase additional activity bundles for siblings for $45 each. If you do not live in the Charlottesville area, there is an additional $20 fee to ship materials. Please make your check out to Karlina Dudley. Your child's activity pack will be delivered just prior to the start of camp!



Themes, dates, schedule, and recommended ages

TEATRO!   June 22-26 *Half Day* (4-7)

This week we'll unleash our creativity in theater- from learning songs, to performing puppet shows, dance shows, and enjoying both creating and donning costumes of all kinds! This week, let your imagination reign and get ready for a stunning show at the end of the week from our little performers!

CREATIVIDAD!   July 6- 10 *Full Day* (5-9)

We’ll be creating masterpieces this week in all mediums- creating jewelry, doing sand art, creating glittery unicorn sculptures with clay and play dough, doing origami, painting outside, and when we're not busy creating awesome masterpieces, we'll be bouncing off the walls in the bounce house, learning some fun ball games and gymnastics moves, and playing our hearts out!

ESPACIO!    July 13-17 Full day (5-9) 

This week we’ll explore outer space, build a rocket ship, paint planets, make glow-in-the-dark projects, learn about stars, and make and play with moon sand and slime! We’ll bounce like astronauts on the moon and eat space ice cream!


RÁPIDO!    July 20-24  *Half day* (3- 7) 

Exploring all things that go! This week we’ll build and race cars on different tracks, do sink or swim experiments with household items, build a boat, make an airplane, learn about different vehicles, play with the trucks, following a pirate ship’s map to buried treasure, and enjoy building and decorating incredible things that go! We’ll do relay races with our contraptions and use teamwork to make the very best inventions possible!

A CONSTRUIR!   July 27- July 31  *Full Day* (3-7) 

This week, we will spend the week building and creating! We'll build a variety of life-size creations, build with many types of blocks, create oversized cardboard box fortresses, build model cars, and enjoy group and individual crafts related to creating and constructing! 


LAS BELLAS ARTES! August 3-7  *Full Day*  (7-11)

This week, we'll have a blast exploring many mediums of art- starting with 3-D jewelry creations, sculptures, and bead art. We'll learn about mosaics, some drawing skills, perspective, and how to embrace our artistic vision! We'll splatter paint, rock paint, fabric paint, glow-in-the-dark paint, and more, as we create masterpieces that draw from inspiration from Hispanic artists, and the world around us!

ANIMALESAugust 10-13 *Mini-camp, half day- Mon- Thurs* (2.5-5)

Animals of all types rule this week’s summer camp! We’ll make puppets, explore the jungle, have a sandy desert animal day with sand art, and learn amazing things about reptiles, sea creatures, and mammals in Spanish!


CREACIÓN! August 19-21 *Mini-camp, half day- Wed.-Fri * (2.5-5)

During this quick mini-camp, we'll enjoy a day of things that go, a day of building, and a day of painting projects! Building creativity one project at a time, and lots of movement games and sensory play as we create our masterpieces.


The details: 


I highly recommend signing up for a two-week session, but will also be happy to sign your little one up for a single week. We will fill up- programs are kept small to keep quality high- so please reserve soon if you want to attend a particular week and need those dates! A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to hold your spot, payable by check, venmo, or cash, and the balance is due by March 31. The deposit can also be paid with credit card on this website, subject to additional card processing fees. Your camper's required paperwork will be sent out via email. Please reach out if you have any questions, and I cannot wait to share summer fun with your little ones!


*To wait-list a camp, just send me your child's name and age through the contact tab and you will be contacted if a spot opens up. There is a chance our program will expand from 4 to 6 campers weekly, in which case we will be able to accommodate more campers on the waitlist, so do contact me today if you'd like to add your child's name to it!

Schedule and cost: Full Day camps run from 9 am to 4 pm (drop off starting at 8:45 am). Full day camps cost $320/week.

Half day camps run from 9 am - 1 pm (Drop off starting at 8:45 am, before care and aftercare available). Half day camps cost $225/ week. Mini-camps are $200/ 4 day program, and $150/ 3 day program. There is a $10 discount for your camper's second and subsequent weeks of camp.


Before-care and After-care: Aftercare is available upon request for $10/ hr. Before-care is available for $10/ hr additionally but must be arranged in advance, either upon registration or at least one week in advance.

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