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I’m beyond excited for Spanish camps this summer! We’ll be running a full summer of various programming- from several weeks of full-day camp for kids and toddlers, to half-day camps, and shorter mini-camps again. We’ll have a mix of all of the kids’ favorite activities, from the bounce house to water balloon relays, splash pools, oversized forts, art projects galore, and add in new activities like building and racing cars, digging for treasure, meeting animals, sand art projects, and more, depending on the week your little signs up for!

As always, we’ll be learning a ton of Spanish throughout the day in a very enthusiastic, silly way and using an increased amount of Spanish each day, and kids will learn a LOT in the course of the week!

While every week of summer camp will include a similar basic structure of beginning with songs and a learning game, extensive playing outside, bounce house/ splash pool/ sprinkler time, and specialty activities like sports, yoga, and gymnastics, art projects, and more, there will be themes that we base some activities on which will change week by week (see more information below). Full day camps will have a rest time in the early afternoon when kids can nap if they wish or do a quiet solo activity like water pens, delve into the library, magnet art, etc. to recharge, as we will be very active and outdoor-based in the mornings and later in the afternoon!

As for my background with camps, this will be my fourth summer running a camp, and eleventh summer working at them. I am a National Camping School certified resident camp director, and ran Lenhok'sin High Adventure Trek camp, worked at Bowman Boy Scout camp, L'ecole Bilingue Spanish toddler immersion camp. On a personal note, I simply LOVE all things summer camp and making this a way for your little one to learn some awesome stuff while being able to enjoy the magical greatness that is summer- playing outside with friends, running around, being free, splashing in water, making a mess, and making amazing memories and new friends. I can’t wait to have you all join us for some incredible fun!



June 10-14 *Full Day* (3-7) ANIMALES! -waitlist only-

Animals of all types rule this week’s summer camp! We’ll make puppets, have some amazing real animals visit, explore the jungle, have a sandy desert animal day with sand art, and learn amazing things about reptiles, sea creatures, and mammals in Spanish!


June 17-21 *Full Day* (3-7) RÁPIDO! -waitlist only-

Exploring all things that go! This week we’ll build and race cars on different tracks, do sink or swim experiments with household items, build a boat, make an airplane, learn about different vehicles, play with the trucks, following a pirate ship’s map to buried treasure, and enjoy building and decorating incredible things that go! We’ll do relay races with our contraptions and use teamwork to make the very best inventions possible!

June 24-28 *Half Day* (3-6) CIRCO! -waitlist only-

We’ll head to the imaginary circus this week! Prepare to turn into circus animals, to walk the (floor!) tightrope, for face painting, making cotton candy, creating animal masks, making balloon animals, working on our ROAR, do animal yoga, learn magic tricks, do circus-themed relay races with water balloons and around the splash pads, do trampoline tricks in the bounce house, and more!

July 1-5 OFF

July 8-12 HALF DAY (3-7) ESPACIO! -waitlist only-

This week we’ll explore outer space, build a rocket ship, paint planets, make glow-in-the-dark projects, learn about stars, and make and play with moon sand and slime! We’ll bounce like astronauts on the moon and eat space ice cream!

July 15-19 OFF

July 22-26  *Full day* (3-7) PLAYA! -waitlist only-

We’ll celebrate beach life this week at camp! We'll make awesome sand art, play with squand, and learn about ocean animals and conservation. We'll have extra water play of every kind this week, from splash pads, to small splash pools, sprinkler relay races and making boats to float! We’ll make visors and other beachwear, have boat races, and enjoy splashing and getting sand between our toes.

July 29- Aug 2  *Full Day* (3-7) AVENTURAS! -waitlist only-

This week we’ll adventure around the world, and have science experiments, archaeology digs, make fizzing artwork, and learn about different Spanish-speaking countries and play favorite games and activities from around the world!


August 5-8  (3-7) CREATIVIDAD!  

We’ll be creating masterpieces this week in all mediums- painting gigantic murals, sand art, creating sculptures with clay and play dough, painting outside, sand art, clay and play dough, and when we're not busy creating awesome projects, we'll be bouncing off the walls in the bounce house, learning some fun ball games and gymnastics moves, and playing our hearts out!

August 12-15 *Mini-camp, half day- Mon- Thurs*(2.5-6) MEZCLA! -waitlist only-

We’ll repeat some of our favorite themes from throughout the summer in this mini-camp, with an ocean day, a things that go day, an art day, and a space day!

August 19-22 *Mini-camp, half day- Mon- Thurs* (3-7) EXPLORAMOS! -waitlist only-

This week we enjoy learning more about the world, and how to explore using a compass and maps! We'll hide and find pirate treasure, we'll make and eat food from other countries, and we'll learn about animals that live in other habitats!

Expeditions await! 


No deposit is required to waitlist a camp, just use the contact tab to send me your child's name and age and I'll add them to the waitlist!


The details: The cost for full-day (8:45/9- 4:30) camp is $315 weekly and the cost for half-day camps (8:45/9-12:45) is $215 weekly or $200/ wk for the mini-camps. I’m happy to work with you on needed drop-off and pickup times, and offer aftercare at $10 hourly.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to hold your spot, payable by check, venmo, stripe, paypal, or cash, and the balance is due by March 31. I highly recommend signing up for a two-week session, but will also be happy to sign your little one up for a single week. We will fill up- programs are kept small to keep quality high- so please reserve soon if you want to attend a particular week and need those dates! Your camper paperwork will be sent out via email. If you have siblings there is a $15 discount for full day and $10 for half day programs for a second sibling, and $10 discount per family for multiple weeks. Please reach out if you have any questions, and I cannot wait to share summer fun with your little ones!


See the Stay and Play tab for drop-off days and date night info!

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